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BUDGET MODELS.  Models 3A (at left, 120V, 50/60 Hz) and SS-2 (at right, 120V, 60 Hz) Powermite Model 3Aare our low-cost, bench-top units.  These feature a light-weight, cylindrical, steel housing (3.75" x 3.5") with polyurethane feet and an attractive gray solvent-resistant epoxy coating.  Each control has a 36" 3-wire power cord with a molded-on plug (in) and a 12" 3-wire cord with aPowermite Model SS-2 molded-on output  receptacle.  Both controls have a pilot lamp which glows continuously (SS-2)  or cycles on and off (Models 3A & 4A & 4A-CE) indicating when power is being delivered to the appliance.  Each unit is fused: 4-amp fuse (3AG, 1.25" x .25") for Models SS-2 and 4A;  8-amp fuse for Model 3A (ABC or 3AG, 1.25" x .25").  Actual weight is about one pound for each model.

Powermite Model SS-4CAST ALUMINUM CASE MODELS  have a satin finish stainless steel face plate (both EB and SS-4 types).  The case has an attractive gray baked-on finish, with a fuseholder mounted on one side.  The face plate has a receptacle, dial plate and one or two pilot lamps.  The EB type controls have two pilot lamps—one is on all the time, indicating that the knob is not in the "off" position, while the other lamp cycles on and off showing when power is being delivered to the applicance.  The above features are common to all of the models listed below.
Powermite Model EB-1C

Models EB-1C (at right) and SS-4 (above left) both have a 36" 3-wire power cord with a molded-on plug and polyurethane rubber feet.  Model EB-1C has an  8-amp fuse (ABC or 3AG), Model SS-4 a 4-amp fuse (3AG).
Models EB-1 and SS-4E are the same as  Models EB-1C and SS-4 above, but have no power cord. These models were designed for permanent wall mounting on a part of the lab bench or in a fume hood (very popular in fume hoods). To mount the unit, the face plate must be removed, the case mounted to the wall surface and then it's hard-wired from behind or through the bottom of the case.

Model EB-1CR  On-Off, Easy MountModel SS-4R  Solid State, Easy MountModels EB-1CR and SS-4R are the same as Models EB-1C and SS-4 except a special stainless steel plate has been fastened to the back side of the case for very easy wall mount without dissasembly.  In some labs where controls have unwanted "mobility", installing these models with tamper-proof screws reduces that mobility.


Models SS-4F and EB-1F are flush-mount units designed especially for mounting to fume hoods or on any vertical panel (16 ga steel up to 0.75" thick panels).Please specify panel thickness.  The unit can be blind mounted through the panel hole, and is hard-wired with 14 ga wire.  EB-1F is rated at 1200 watts, SS-4F at 600 watts.  The face plate of both Models SS-4F and EB-1F controls is mounted to a special jumbo handy box with welded-on brackets (see fig.).  Detailed  installation instructions are available.

Model SS-4H is a flush-mount 1000w solid state control. It mounts in a standard 2 gang electrical box for use in fume hood.All components are safety
approved but the unit itself has no certification.SS-4H should only be used as a component part of a fume hood or panel that will be safety certified as a complete assembly.

Model SS-4P has the same controls as the SS-4F, flush mount, but is two separate controls mounted in a doublesided polished aluminum pedestal box that mounts permanently to the bench top. These controls are perfect for new construction or renevating existing labs.

Need an extra outlet? The SS-4P2R has an extra (non controlled) a.c. outlet Call for price.

EB-1F Flush-mount  Panel Mounted
Model SS4-H




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