Popular, low-cost, dependable  controls, with proven performance,  which are  individually calibrated.  POWERMITE controls  are used world-wide.
Regulate resistive heat circuits (mantles, heat tapes, water baths, small ovens, etc.), incandescent lamps and even some small (.05 HP) shaded-pole motors.


SOLID  STATE  types (Model SS-2 and SS-4 Models) vary voltage and can regulate everything mentioned above.  Rated at 500 watts (600w intermittent use), 60Hz, with a pilot lamp; its power-level range is 10-90%.  There are five models.

ON-OFF (proportional) types (Model 3A and EB Models) do not vary voltage so they can only regulate resistive heat circuits, but it is rated at 1000 watts, 50/60 Hz, (1200w if hard-wired:  EB-1, EB-1F.)  The silver contacts (double-housed for super safety) cycle rapidly:  For example, if the knob is set at 40% power, the contacts are closed 6.0 sec. and open 9.0 sec.;  6/15 = 40% power or "on" time.  On-off controls are famous for their ability to compensate for large line voltage changes.  The range for an infinite number of power-level settings is 15-70%; full off below 15%, full on above 70%.  The range for competitive units is 5-60%.  Six models are available, each one having one or two pilot lamps.

Model 4A (similar in appearance to Model 3A) is a 220-240 volt unit, 50/60 Hz, on-off type (it can't vary voltage) and is supplied with one of seven foreign input plugs (one-meter 3-wire cord) and a US output plug (30 cm cord) interconnector plug which matches the US plug on the C4AM THERMOWELLs.  Model 4A is not available with a foreign output plug.  It has a 1000 watt capacity.  Foreign plugs available are EU (Germany, France, Norway, Sweden) SW (Switzerland), UK (United Kingdom), DE (Denmark), IT (Italy), IS (Israel), and AU (Australia).

Model 4A-CE has the mark and is fitted with a universal jumper receptacle that fits the jumper plug on the C4AM-CE THERMOWELL.All other specifications are the same as the MODEL 4A above.

Individual calibration is a valuable and unique feature.  We know of no other competitive controls that feature this.  Every control sold by us (both solid state and on-off) is individually dial-calibrated in terms of percent power levels, so when you set the knob at 40% or 25% power that is exactly what you get—no guessing.

All POWERMITE controls have grounded 3-wire power cords (except for four hard-wired models) and are properly fused: 4 amp (3AG type, 1.25" x .25") for the solid state controls, 8 amp (ABC or 3AG, 1.25" x .25") for on-off controls; hard-wired units have either a 4-amp or a 10-amp fuse (10-amp fuse for 1200 watts.)

All POWERMITE controls except 4A-CE ( ), have CSA certification (equiv. to UL approval).

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