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All THERMOWELLs must be controlled by a variable AC power source. Our POWERMITE controls are ideal low-cost, light-weight power controls. Variable power transformers (Variac, Powerstat) are also suitable controls but they are expensive, heavy and cumbersome.

Operate THERMOWELL units off the bench top by at least 1" or more on a heat-resistant support. Our aluminum metal plate supports installed on a standard ring work very well, especially if the THERMOWELL needs to be lowered from or raised to the reaction flask during operation. Small THERMOWELLs (100 mL and smaller) can be operated directly on a non-wood bench top if the THERMOWELL sits on a sheet of aluminum which acts as a heat sink. A 6" x 6" x .040 piece will work well. The power level, however, should not exceed 40% (75v, 145v).


A THERMOWELL can be damaged by improper handling, especially when it's hot. A THERMOWELL should never be lifted or moved by lifting it by its power cord, hot or cold. The power cord should never be tightly wrapped around the unit, especially when its hot. The power cord can be pulled out if a THERMOWELL is mishandled when hot.

Handles can now be attached to THERMOWELLs which makes moving and handling them, hot or cold, an easy and safe task.  Handles can be installed by us ($5 ea.), or can be retrofitted by the customer ($4 ea. - specify heater size when ordering.)



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